Kali Martial Arts Program

Our Kali programs are designed by some of the most experienced and qualified instructors in Canada & the Philippines. With the professional in mind, our programs will prepare you for a large variety of both defensive and hostile situations.


Whether you face an enemy soldier in the villages of Afghanistan or a combative suspect in the streets of Edmonton.

Train to win.

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What is Kali & Fillipino Martial Arts?

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is a style specific to Filipino Martial Arts. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali was founded in 1897 and is the system of the Tortal family. The sole heir and guardian of this system is Leo T. Gaje Jr.. Pekiti-Tirsia is strictly a combat-oriented system, as opposed to sport-focused, style. It is a fighting system that focuses on edged, impact and improvised weapons. PTK has been adopted as the preferred combative training program by elite military and law enforcement units around the world. Its very lethal fighting method for self defense.


All fighting ranges are integral parts of the Pekiti-Tirsia system, but special attention is given to closing in to kill in close-quarter combat. Integral to this is a coiled close quarter stance that allows evasion and generation of a powerful strike even in close range. Pekiti-Tirsia is about quartering the opponent, or 'cutting up into little pieces', emphasizing destruction with counter offense while not getting hit. The Pekiti-Tirsia methodology originates from offensive and counter offensive principles against attacks from all ranges, angles and threat levels. There is less emphasis on purely defensive techniques, as this is not seen as an effective survival strategy.