Private Training & Marksmanship Coaching

We offer training for various firearms platforms including carbine, pistol and precision rifle.

Fees are per student per session and each session is 7 hours of on range or classroom time.


Why choose Burton Tactical?


All private training students will receive the following benefits:


  • Professional, safe instruction on approved ranges only.

  • A training plan customized to fit you or your group’s needs and goals.

  • A free welcome package, customized to your chosen platform (carbine, pistol, long range)

  • Access to the private training student’s only portion of the website (Under Construction)

  • Discounts on any product we sell or source for you


We can offer you training on any of the following platforms:


  • Long range rifle (Basic to Mid-level)

  • Hunting rifle (Basic to Advanced)

  • Pistol (Basic to Advanced)

  • Carbine (Basic to Advanced)

  • Shotgun (Basic to Advanced)



One on One:


Fee per student: $400, plus GST


Our private one on one training allows for what we think is the best learning experience. You and your instructor are alone working together on the range or in the classroom to meet your specific needs and work towards your specific goals. There are no other students so throughout the full 7 hour session you get your instructors undivided attention.


Whether you are looking for carbine, pistol or precision rifle training, you will have your training plan custom built to your needs and tailored to the number of sessions you choose.



Pairs & Couples:


Fee per student: $350, plus GST


This is a great option for teammates, fire team partners, friends or couples to get some great training time in with an instructor while still maintaining a small group so as to maximize your learning experience. You will still receive a custom built training plan tailored to your number of sessions with the added bonus of learning two shooter techniques.


Groups (3+ people):


Fee per student: $300, plus GST


If you are looking for a fun activity for your group, be it a corporate event or just a day at the range, or if you have a group with similar shooting goals, group training is the way to go. We will provide each student with a training plan custom tailored to the group objectives and work with your team to provide the same quality training you would expect one on one.


To inquire about training with us, please use the contact form below.


Privacy & Policies:


All of our students identities and personal information are kept strictly confidential, and will not be released to any other business or persons without express written consent from the participant. We reserve the right refuse to train anyone for any reason.


** Burton Tactical reserves the right to deny any applicant or student based on our internal vetting process **



To enquire about private training, fill out the contact form below.